Steam Turbines

We can supply steam turbines both single and multistage in ratings 1 MW up to 15MW.

With our Principal also manufacturing Boilers, we can offer Power Generation solutions such as Cogeneration using High Pressure Boiler and Back Pressure Turbine(BT-4),

Captive Generation using High Pressure Boiler and Bleed Condensing Turbine(BCT-6), Micro Cogeneration using Low Pressure Boiler and Back pressure turbine(BT-4) and as Power Generation using High Pressure Boiler and Condensing Turbine (BT-6).

Please contact us for a package solution using either existing boiler or a combination of new boiler and Turbine for power generation.

Industries include, Distilleries, Paper Mills, Textile and Jute mills, Rice Mills, Milk Processing, Incineration system, Palm Oil, HVAC, Calcium Carbonate, Sugar etc